Scritto Structura

The basic philosophy of Scritto® Structura allows you, combined with the elements of Scritto® Classic, to create threedimensional architectural structures.
The extension to the third dimension is made to respond to the need of internal structures, s.a. exhibition stands, office separations, information blocks combined with the usual architectural signs with Scritto® Classic: Colours, large choice of materials, interchangeability of panels, texts, logos, and many more. The insconspicuous esthetics, the simple assembly as well as invisible fasteners are further advantages to resolve a creative modelling of the interior space.
The freedom of conception, the insertion of a large choice of materials and the unnumerable possibilities for solutions to create multidimensional structures are unlimited with Scritto® Structura.
The simple solution for complex structures are the customised answer to the modelling of the interior space.

Scritto® Structurais the smart and coherent answer to extend architectural signs to architectural multidimensional structures

Scritto Classic

Is the best choice for your modular and multifunctional indoor requirements

The principle behind the modularity of Scritto Classic is simple: few parts, completely interchangeable and no limits in design possibilities Need something spe...

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