Scritto Marino

Scritto® Marino is available for paper sizes A6, A5, A4 and A3. The processing is simple.
An aluminium profile, printed paper, an acrylic sheet and two endcaps. To realize the same beautiful design in larger signs, sidetrack profi les in the same shape has been developed. This enables the use of Scritto® Classic and other materials by choice.
Scritto® Marino is an open system. One can add alien materials like wood, glass, marble,
plastic, etc. No limits to the creativity of the designer. Give Marino a try and be surprised
by it’s possibilities.
The Marinosystem enchants by its beautiful though plain shape. Scritto® Horizon and
Scritto® Pierrot are blended in theire beauty with Scritto® Marino.

Scritto® Marino

Scritto Dimension

With Scritto ® Dimension, we have turned imagination into reality.

With Scritto® Dimension you are not limited to just one possibility, but an immense number of possibilities. Total modularity allows you to discover endless des...

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