Scritto Horizon

Scritto® Horizon is available for the 5 paper formats: A7, A6, A5, A4 and A3. Scritto® Horizon
is easy to use. An aluminium profile, digitally printed paper and a protective foil in polycarbonat
and endcaps, that’s all. Simple and effective yet elegant. Scritto® Horizon combines elegance and efficiency with competitive prices for a maximum of value.
The real saving is, that you or your customer can make changes with message inserts
made on the spot. New employee? New information? Just print the insert and you’ve got a whole new sign.
Scritto® Horizon offers unlimited possibilities for every personality. Choose from a variety of differents finishes, special paper inserts, protective foils, typographics and pictograms.
Any size, any length, every possibility.

Scritto® Horizon series offers original concepts with a state-of-the-art approach

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