About us

Scritto International B.V.

Samsonweg 57, 1521 RB Wormerveer, Netherlands

+ 31 75 647 5045

Email: Info@scritto.eu

Scritto was born in 1986 with the product line Classic.
The Scritto© product range comprises three outdoor systems - Structura, Dimension und Dimension mini - and four indoor systems - Classic, Horizon and our fair innovation Pierrot and Marino. The systems are complete in their design and quality, they supplement each other and can be used multifunctionally.

Looking for a balance
The object signposting has a threefold function: Inform, Lead and Identify. The dialog between the architect and the professional partner of Werbe-technik decides on the success of the object signposting. It is not only about informing or pleasing the eye but also assing a corresponding logics and function to the location, so that the visitor finds the thread. To find the balance between the visual, the function and the aesthetics, is the great art of the object sign-posting. With Scritto® and their partners you will find the perfect balance.


What's behind Scritto©
Scritto® does not only mean selling products, it also means being professional and creative and take on installation and maintenance, to keep the object signposting up-to-date. But it means above all to keep a partnership with the architect for the end customers. Strong, interlinked and ambitious.

Scritto Marino

The Marino system enchants by its beautiful though plain shape

Scritto Marino is available for paper sizes A6, A5, A4 and A3. The processing is simple. An aluminium profile, printed paper an acrylic sheet and two endcaps. To...

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